you can see the sun shining from above

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Author blackwhite
Tags author:blackwhite playable rated
Created 2009-02-13
Last Modified 2009-02-13
by 8 people.
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Ahem. []


someone for sub-500?
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nice map
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The drone bit was cool. The rocket was very disruptive when going for the exit switch. I like the simplicity. It brings out the map. 4/5
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As always ,excellent...Blackwhite's maps are very good i think....tileset was 5/5 enemy placement and gold placement was 5/5.....Gameplay was like more that 5/5....What can I say it's reallly gooooood.....5aved.....
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it brought my map down.

short and sweet.

I like.


I liked ! :)
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the title matches.

very well.