Financial Orchid

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Author Kool-aid
Tags action author:kool-aid challenging rated tileset
Created 2009-02-13
Last Modified 2009-02-13
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description alone in a field, desecrated by the war, the only one of his kind.
rce, tropsss :]

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sorry kool-aid

it just looks like the metanet tiles
They just look similar to a metanet tileset. It is better that teraza reports maps he think are stolen, than just leave them be. Pretty fun map by the way.


wtf teraza, these are my tiles.

plus i made this over 2 months ago and your just now reporting it ?

wtf dude I did not copy metanet -_-

It is?

What level?

reported abuse

this is metanet tiles
Like I said before, awesome tiles, and I really liked the increasing difficulty in this map. I still remember you from your first maps, and you've come a long way since then :P 5, and it will remain in my faves
Demo Data

Sweet tiles

faved so I can play it later


poor defiled tree.

great tileset