Drones, bones and sub-prime loans

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Author cheesemonger
Tags author:cheesemonger drones fun playable rated skill survival
Created 2009-02-20
Last Modified 2009-02-24
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description My third survival, using my own tileset "Wishbone".
First AGD gets a ded, plus I'll keep a record of the longest time(factoring in gold).
Please rate and enjoy!

Best time: Chume14

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but long :( 3/5

cool thanks

I didn't think you'd mind but credit where it's due you know so I've put out a short version of the map cause the actual things a bit long and epic but check it out if you have time =) (sorry advertising not intended)
but didn't know where to go so that didn't last too long

look I want to use the title "outside the box" for my next map a title which is inspired by your comment here
so just checking you don't mind me using it if you don't answer back by tomorrow night I'll probably just assume its ok cause thats when I'm gonna post the map =)


Chume =]
I felt sorry for you at the end, nothing left to do but run into a drone...

6017 AGD

done finally as for your last comment there are some which have more wow factor when you first play them but that soon wares of and you reach the maximum score your ever gonna get or they get repetitive and they become boring whereas this I'm still playing after 2 weeks and its still fun thats hard to beat. Please watch the demo cause I'm proud of it
Demo Data


That's some compliment you've got there...
I'm sure I could find some better survivals...
as I said I would heres and agd -4 most gold I've got so far this is now my favorite ever survival
Demo Data

I don't mind

it's not like anyone else is posting, lol

I'm not finished

with this still a little way to go sorry I keep posting
Demo Data


so close, Chume!

agd attempt

Demo Data


Demo Data
here's longer cause I love this level so much and there's nothing interesting on hot maps
Demo Data


made my day Chume, thanks!

Longer 2694

This is nice pretty different from your last. Aesthetically very nice where the last was lacking and the pathing was very good. It didn't have quite the same tactical aspect as the last as you couldn't really plan your route for the whole thing but this was replaced with a sort of overall movement of threat which forced you to use a new area each time the one you were in got crowded very nice and kept you thinking on your feet agd is too hard for me 4.5/5 still could be better but very fun your one of my new favorite authors =)
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much more

tell that damn ZD chased me!
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hehe fun. 4
Demo Data

Had to edit it

new demo:
Demo Data

My pitiful attempt

Demo Data