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Author cheesemonger
Tags action author:cheesemonger playable story unrated
Created 2009-03-01
Last Modified 2009-03-01
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Map Data

Description "I though you'd given up the burglary trade?" inquired the stunned guard.
"You know me," replied N, grinning. "I can't resist a challenge."

I decided to add a demo like the one in the background of the actual game to each of my maps from now on (basically one where N dies in the attempt).
Fastest AGD by tomorrow gets a DED.

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your maps

mostly have a great gameplay but don't score with their tilesets, as this map also does
again 3/5


Sorry, Chume, I'll get working on that DED.

You never

gave me ded T_T
then i'm fine with that.


This was fun as an agd challenge I woulda put the door in the middle though present more challenge for completion and once you have agd'd it there isn't that much replay value hmm still fun to do though 3.8/5
Demo Data


Demo Data


we go.
Demo Data