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Author FYBO407
Tags author:fybo407 dda rated
Created 2005-10-21
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description this is just a little micro dda. It took no skill, it is just kinda fun take a look at it and do stuff with it if you want to.

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holy crap

this was something i made in three minutes ok. Its not supposed to be serious. If you want other ddas i have made take a look, those ones are serious. calm down.


Only one rocket fires the whole time. No excitement AT ALL. Most of the map and robots are completely pointless (they serve no purpose). And why the gold delay at the beginning? It just adds load time and nothing else to the map.

No thx!

this was very ... boring... for those 3 seconds... there were no close calls...


I like the style! SHort but great! 4/5