A Cold Day In Hell

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Author k1rbywasthere
Tags action author:k1rbywasthere rated
Created 2009-03-04
Last Modified 2009-03-04
by 5 people.
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Description What the hell do you have to do to get a map rated around here? People used to rate and comment maps way more often. Shit's weak.

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I can't imagine being bored enough to do it now, except maybe in school, and I'm too behind to do that. Missing a class right now as I'm typing this! Fuck.
Maybe I'll play this later, but odds aint good.
It's nice you're back though

don't know

i just got back to map-making recently.
and where is AMLT?


it does. i saw someone do it and it worked for them. not so successful for me though, numa is crap nowadays
generally, making a comment about how no one rates/comments tends to work XD
Demo Data


lul. fun.


amlt almost gets no rating nowadays