Virgin Trains

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Author cheesemonger
Tags author:cheesemonger rated survival train
Created 2009-03-05
Last Modified 2009-03-05
by 7 people.
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Description DED to Chume, sorry it's overdue. Hope you enjoy it as much as my last survival (was it my last? Whatever).


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quite good but not as good as "walls have ears and..."
therefore 3/5
we are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the gold run.

Great concept, reminds me of my gauss-wall maps.
Lag made the rockets highly unpredictable, but i think that really helps with the fun gameplay. doors were a nice touch too, and the tiles were stellar (right word here? not sure. Slick maybe? Who says stellar?).
Alls well that ends well, a 4 out of 5.
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*wipes sweat from brow*
I'm really glad you liked you ded.

Really fun

there were some quality rocket dodges in there and I enjoyed having to collect all the traps. I love the inevitability of it as well. The only problems I could find was that there was a waiting time when the gold was collected and the bots were slowly coming and also the sometimes the rockets lagged and didn't fire. However those were small issues in an awesome and innovative map 4.4/5. Also heres a longer agd demo I think post 5000 may be possible but thats about all.
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Really like this.

The intense dodging of the rockets is fun enough, but once the chaingun drones come onto the map, _now_ you're talking. 4/5, and faved.


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