DDA...launch pads only

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Author zxcvbnm
Tags author:zxcvbnm dda rated
Created 2005-10-23
Last Modified 2005-10-23
by 9 people.
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Description Very short dda, dont expect it to be rated very good. but rate it anyway. also put a comment. also u might find that it goes a round in a cycle a few times before finishing.

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Not only that you only used launchpads, you mass-spammed them.

And you need enemies.


you need enemies and ya need extra propulsion systems and about your comment of me making more DDA's... i already have around 6 or so but hey, ill make you happy and make some more

No Advertising...

Damn...i might be in bad shape laughoutloud...
Now, about the level. It was kinda cool at first but it got kinda repetitive twoards the end. Also, some launch pads werent used at all and there were no bad guys.

No advertising

This guy said to me its against the rules to advertise and i almost got banned so don't do it. =(


stop with the mass spamming of pads im sure u didnt need all of them to reach the same effect 0/5


wasnt very good but you said ta put a comment so i did.
but when you make a dda put some rockets. i like rockets.