Broken Toy

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Author LudicrousLlamas
Tags action author:ludicrousllamas rated
Created 2009-03-27
Last Modified 2009-03-27
by 8 people.
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Description Enjoy this fun little map.

ded. to cheesemonger for guessing both of us. Yes, this is the collab profile of ChrisE and karmap0lice.

In case anyone's wondering, our titles have come from the "Don't be Scared" album by "Its a Buffalo".

Its a good album. Google/Itunes it.

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Me and my logic.
Here's a demo using life's route. And thanks for the ded, much appreciated, especially since I love the map.
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good map

here is a slow demo
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Nice, level, pretty cool. I'll give it a 4 as well.
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This 4-tile jump is for which to die.
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Those are the coolest flowers ever. /steals/

Rotational symmetry is fine, just enforce it by moving the exit to where the trigger is and the trigger to above the right flower. It looks neater that way.

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It was never gonna last long - cheesemonger knows my style far too well....

Here's my crap speed :D
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lol, yeah Its pretty fun, we were caught though, stupid cheesemonger and his brilliant logic :) speedish agd:
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love it

very addictive