I am the rain/ Cháos

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Author blackwhite
Tags author:blackwhite playable unrated
Created 2009-03-28
Last Modified 2009-03-28
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didnt watch any other demos
died on final mine before exit
fastest method if done right
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Sorry, I assumed that wasn't possible. Still a good map though. It felt a little empty at times, though.

this map is cheatable btw, I'm guessing everyone else got the cheat by there comments, well yeah, fix it because that ruins the rest of the map, just add a locked door, because moving it up wont help, I was able to get in there with the cheat, the ending part was hard so slow completion:
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I don't know if you wanted this to happen, but it just did.

I liked this a fair bit. It didn't feel cluttered which is good.
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Hah. Cheated!

But the win is followed by a monstous fail.
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