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Created 2009-03-31
Last Modified 2009-03-31
by 7 people.
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Description a new race. see demo if stuck.

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It wasn't half bad. I liked the odd steps although the name seemed a bit generic (names are about 1/4 the appeal of the entire map). I liked the steps idea, but I hoped that it could have been incorporated more into the actual race. The mine placement seemed a bit odd and overdone. Just a little messy but you have the basics of your race in the right places. Maybe using the steps as small corner jumps in 2-3 successions instead of a round wall would be cooler. Launchpads can also be used to add a little flow. Also, make more races with a theme like this. You want to make races so that when people see your maps, they KNOW it's YOUR map because it will have your "touch."

I know AMLT maps and RF maps just by looking at them. I think kk's maps a bit too. They share a theme, which is what you should do to your races.

origami alligator,

did you see my most recent race, "Kinetics"?

I think

if you never do wrong then you're obviously doing something that is either right or acceptable. :P
But it sometimes takes some outright critisism so that you know where to improve. And how would you know what's right if you never did something wrong?


Fun map, I especially like the first jump and the timing involved in not hitting the roof too early.

But destiny is right, a lot of the design is sloppy. The flow drops out in several places, and not in a nice rhythmic way, it's just annoying.

But you are really taking off as a race maker.


I think my point was that you should be unique. I was kinda trying to distract you from destiny's suggestions, because I enjoy uniqueness rather than the same thing done differently.

That double-back was unique, as was this tileset, especially for a race map.

You can take destiny's suggestions, but try and come up with your own ideas too!
there were some bits i was unsure about and i did mess around with the left hand side a lot before getting to here. i cant say i feel quite as enthusiastic as you about the map overall, but i did like the right hand side a lot.

thanks destiny for an honest opinion, i do want to make maps that everyone enjoys, and i will work on the things you have suggested.
ur races are improving really quickly :D
nice placement of enemies and the double back jump was interesting...
the path was a little awkward to find at first though...
overall a 4/5


I loved the enemy choice. After playing this through over and over for the first few times I kept thinking, "Is it even possible to get past some of these enemies?" and the answer was eventually yes. Enemy choice and placement was great with the gameplay.

In hindsight I actually enjoyed that double-back under the 7-tile after that first jump because it challenged me to get up and over that top left section quickly enough to pass the chaingun and the laser drone before being fired upon. The journey from the bottom-right to top-right sections was a little odd and required some really fancy jumping, but getting that right feels awesome.

Again, I love this map.
because the tiles and the way they are incorporated in the map is just beyond a lot of race maps that I see today. Wonderfully developed, and apart from the double-back under the tiles after that jump in the beginning this map is prime.

Personally I don't think race maps are supposed to be 100% flowy right off the bat. I like them when they are just slightly unintuitive but where one will be able to find the path after a few attempts.



I like the end section. But the rest of the map was rather poor. The bottom right corner was a complete mess, it took me many attempts to get through it this smoothly, and i've still got room for improvement. The beginning where you double back from under a curve was a little messy- check out 4:Cow Powerliser (or something along those lines) by calamity7 to see a more effective way of doing that. Or even Uranium, by yours truly, come to think of it.

Tileset was a little gross. 3. I can't justify anything higher.
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Flow is very good. I think idea is original and map layout is very good design. I give you 4,5

flow demo

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