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Author Aarnivalkea
Tags action author:aarnivalkea grablaka playable unrated yarblarr
Created 2009-04-06
Last Modified 2009-04-06
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Something fairly inspirational. I like minimaps, though this one has a bit more depth than most.

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I dont have

the skills or the time to agd this, but i faved it w/out rating b/cuz i like the tiles


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Demo Data

Door opener

is perfectly reachable see demo
Demo Data


The door is openable. By inspirational I meant I got inspired to do it, not just machinally produce something ;)
make the door opener reacheable.....otherwise make it an n-art.....
and way to much gold and what inspires you to call your own maps inspirational :)
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