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Author Meta_Ing
Tags action author:meta_ing golfkid puzzle-esque rated
Created 2009-04-14
Last Modified 2009-04-19
by 5 people.
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Description Special thanks to golfkid for his help on making this map easier for the majority to complete. (Hopefully)

This one shouldn't be too hard to complete, although there are are few puzzle aspects and a couple tricky spots.

Go for highscores or speedruns. And see if you can figure out how to unlock the top exit.

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hmmm nice


O right


i love this a LOT
edit the door switch (not the exit door switch) and put in inside the level
Demo Data
without making it go to the right.
so i'm stuck.

Anyway, mind owning my latest?
cause of the fg
Demo Data

victory is mine!

Demo Data


One regular and one reverse.

I'll post a demo of it it tommorow.


Did you see my demo? It should help you work out the rocket...
and read the comment....


This is frustrating... The rocket makes it annoying.

However, when I replaced the rocket with a gauss, or just removed the rocket, it was just boring...


ah i see

all about the fg

Slow agd

to show you how to beat it.

I reveal nothing about the hidden switches in this demo.
Demo Data

i love this

incredibly fun to play.
i'll come back later.


so sorry for spam.
moderators here?


what happened?
Should be good now.

Thanks for the compliments.


thanks for not disabling ratings.
for all your s-c-e maps im rating 5.
also cause of lovely tiles and gameplay in this map ;).