Sex with Rhinos

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Author Heat
Tags action author:heat hard rated
Created 2009-04-16
Last Modified 2009-04-16
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description A ded to Meta_ing and Kool-aid for outstanding performances on my last map. Bravo guys =)
EDIT:5th map rce.

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Improved AGD

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Crappy AGD

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do ur new

btu sooooooooo good
love ur maps...
have a go at a race itd b awesomeness : )


Doubt the map is supposed to be done like this but meh. Cheats are there to be found. :P

Also, this map was reported. Any reasons?
Demo Data

hell yes

im loving those horny rhnos ^^
very nice.
4.5 down



I mucked up the switch section, it's not great but it will do as a benchmark.
Addicting gameplay, good mechanics, nice tileset.
Another triumph from you, I think.
4.5 up
Demo Data

Change the heading

I don't like it, no.


gonna confuse everyone if you keep on counting from your second map like that well done :)


forgot to put this is my 5th map