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Author ninja143
Tags action author:ninja143 beatable hard rockets unrated
Created 2009-04-28
Last Modified 2009-04-28
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

10 Trap Doors
5 Bounce Blocks
1 Thwump OR 2 Launch Pads

Turn on the 'F' gridlines. All sixteen of the larger rectangles must contain at least three tiles or at least one object.

6 'One' Tiles
6 'Two' Tiles
6 'Three Tiles
6 'Six' Tiles
6 'Seven' Tiles

4 Rockets
8 Gold
1 Locked Door
4 Mines
8 'Two' Tiles
8 'Six' Tiles
8 'E' Tiles

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tell me about it

those were the only real place i could put them, it was hard to place them anywhere else. i tried and had someone test it, but still the same way each place i put them, so i know the feeling.


I likes the way it looks. I hated those rockets though. XD 4/5