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Author 73lack_D72agon
Tags author:73lack_d72agon hard unrated
Created 2009-05-04
Last Modified 2009-05-04
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Description A bunch of random mini games mushed together

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Really fun.

Must have put in a lot of work. 3 things I don't like, rest is great.

1) Jump between mines preceeding rocket area.
2)Trap door in gold (That's just annoying).
3) If you run at the exit key you die on the last mine, no reason for that, if you've made it that far you shouldn't die like that.

Other than that it's great.

That's bull crap

bounce block killed me.
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this thread [] should explain everything well

yay :D

dude, get on irc so we can /actually have a conversation/ XD


love it though. really fun.
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