(Not Quite) Pop Quiz, Hotshot

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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 image-map not-quite nreality playable rated
Created 2009-05-05
Last Modified 2009-05-05
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description I always liked the name of this one. Pop quiz: can you remember where the objects are located?

Based on level 71-1, pop quiz, hotshot.

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Seriously, getting blasted by a mine you can't even see is just mean.

H'uh. It downloads the map data before you try to play it, but it doesn't cache the images and they don't load until you actually play the map, so you can load the map in Nreality, disconnect the internet, then load the map and play without fake tiles!

The images cover up the switches, but everything else is invisible even without them.

BLAST! I got it to load the background and not the foreground so I could see the switches, but the mine sprite loaded so they were invisible :(

or you can d/c your internet and play normally >:D


1 hour of working
Demo Data

I'm talking about the background of course, but i wasn't thinking to make fake tiles, i thought about just fake golds :) That way is less stressful and it may be even funny i guess

Nice idea

I thought to do a map like this, but you DID it! And doing is always better than thinking ^^

HINT: Opening GRID option (right side of nreality window) may be useful.

I played at least 10 times 70-1, and played at least 30 times this version to beat it with a good score.
Demo Data


I have a great method for beating this.
Demo Data

Nice, but not

quite as fun as your previous not-quites. but a good idea.

first try demo on nreality, all you need to do is remember the original map... I still dont like any of these, although they have great nreality mods, none of these maps are yours, and you never ded metanet...thats my opinion, but people tend to use their own opinions to bring me down...
of a pop quiz than the original

Holy dang

Great idea, but...

this is just mean.

This is just mean.

I know.

Otherwise, why have fake tiles?
right? is that intentional>?
I don't know if it's with my computer or your map but it loaded without objects.