Swine Flu Rampage

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Author Nphasis
Tags author:nphasis featured flu fun lol pig rated
Created 2009-05-07
Last Modified 2009-05-07
by 20 people.
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Description Achoo

This map was featured on 2011-09-01

Run. Get out of there. They are after you, and want you to become like them.
Leave the valuables, the clothes, the children - you can make it on your own. You have to.
Faster. Over hills, through forests, around rivers and inside caves.

They are gaining on you.
Run faster! Faster! A hand grabs for you.
You sneeze... — ChrisE

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I have no idea what Palemoon's comment means, and I love it.


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I have this map favourited already, apparently, but I don't know why...

Pretty good

Nice tiles, of course, and the gameplay is fine, though it doesn't deliver on the promise of the tileset. I liked the floorguard section best. The upper chaingun area felt a bit bland. Overall, fun map. 4/5

Slower AGD:
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Sacred is troll

I mean who actually values human life nowadays?


This might help him come back! :D


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Dat pig

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I love Nphasis maps x)

that isn't a feature worth.


*awkward silence*

And dipshits.

Research HIV. You'll find it's very undetectable until it actually develops into what you know as aids. And what if people want kids? Dude, you lot need to grow up a bit.

And stop making jokes about things that aren't there to laugh at. How would you like it if someone you knew died of swine flu and some little scallywag on the internet goes and laughs about it?

It's called

a fuckin pandemic. and it aint sumthin to make jokes about. not amused.

Wow awesome tiles

I miss so many these days, and to your question. I did a long time ago. Someday when I have the time I will try again.
probably not just on N
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Awesome Pig



i like pigs

I cheated swine flu (lol...) yeah, its cheatable, but looks intentional, great use of the tiles though, the beginning jump is phenomenal (in my demo at least...) keeping the fave
i have a feeling no ones gunna look at it.

And then he looks at zeh very first comment and says....shit, I'm just stating zeh obvious here....


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karma and taco said samething lol.
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It's so true!

im sorry i mean

Karmas comment lol

faved lol 5/5

everyone is making suck a huge big deal about it lol. all it is, is another freaking lol.
and tacos comment is true.

it was on

forums lol stupid germophobes

I read an article similar to what t_h_t said:

"A few people die from swine-flu, everyone wears a mask,
Millions die from AIDS, and nobody wears a condom."

I think it was from globe and mail, not sure

lolllll, I'm flooded with work again, faved for the weekend

ok, my rating...

2 stars for the pig.
1 star for the gameplay
1 star for the difficulty
and 0, because this little piggy had none.

so total = 4/5


swine flu is overrated.

Should I rename the

map to AIDS Rampage.