Marble Zone

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Author exuberance
Tags author:exuberance nreality rated sonic timing
Created 2009-05-13
Last Modified 2009-05-13
by 12 people.
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Description Requires NReality. If you don't know what that is, you don't have it! It is impossible to complete using normal N
*phew* this one took longer than the last one. This is the sequal to Green Hill Zone [].
Wait for it to load all sprites. Should look like this []!

Don't look at the thumbnail. It is completely different than the thumbnail.

This level is all about timing. I'm trying to keep the theme of the different zones in Sonic 1 (in this case, less speed more jumping and lots of lava) though it's hard with limited space.

Got the sprites (some of which I modified from here []

Tiles don't look as good as last time. That's because N uses 24-pixel wide tiles, but most programs use powers of 2 (Sonic tiles are 32 pixels wide, so they don't line up)

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this is amazing

5aved. the only part i don't like is the bottom with the moving wall that crushes you. it's just annoying to me, but i LOVE everything else.

rocket is too fast imo

but this is 5/5 awesome!!!
that's friggin right! I played sonic games all the time before and loved them but I quit playing them for a while. I played one of the 3-d sonic games a few years ago and I was like WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED! WHy is sonic talking? Why is there this new "cool" other sonic guy? What was wrong with the name Dr. Robotnic? Eggman? wth! God, hearing these losers talk is just embarrassing. If the game was fun I could excuse them for verbalizing their "fascinating" story. Am I just old-fashioned or does anyone else think it was better when videogame characters kept their mouths shut? If they make games with mario talking, that's it, I'm quitting videogames forever. GAHHH!!! ...yeah...that's my rant for the day.

Lol man.

You liked that new guy's race? Try mine.

Shadow is awful

Sonic CD FTW!!!!


Awesome nreality

I loved how you could connect the Sonic & Knuckles game cartriage into the other Soinc Games to unlock Knuckles (and in Sonic 3 also let you upgrade Chaos Emerals to Hyper Emeralds which let you get the uber forms of non-sonic characters).

Also, the debug mode cheat was hillarious. You can die in the ending credits with that.



I want my Sega Genesis back :(

old Sonic games for Sega Genesis = epic win
"new" Sonic games for gameboy = epic fail (they are basically HRDDAs)
new 3D Sonic games = (with the exception of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 which were OK) epic epic epic epic epic very epic FAIL
better than those new ones with his horrid green eyes

Demo Data

hehe, owned teh rocket but got smooshed on my way back :(
Demo Data

haha, yeah you can do that with this playermod.


guess i hit the wall way too fast >.>

poor sonic
Demo Data

That rocket guy

is totally beast

by piecing together pieces of the background from the sprite sheet I linked to in the description


i LOVE sonic games, an i love that back ground from Sonic one on the sega xD how did u get it!


I never got the background.

forgot to post it >_<
Demo Data


From top to bottom, and up to middle where I died going back accross :(


thats so hard


that rocket DX

Wait for it to load. There's pullies with metal boxes (rocky drones) and fireballs (zap drones) there. If nothing is there, reload the map data. If it still doesn't work, that means photobucket died or something. Works fine for me.
It took 3 minutes!
but I only see lava, and I can't quite jump it all, believe it or not. =\

If you're wondering why I used launchpads instead of mines for the lava, it's because I originally used mine instead of drones for the fireballs, so I had to use something else for lava. Turned out it was impossible to do that way due to an Nreality bug so I switched the mines to drones, but never changed the launchpads to mines because it was more trouble than it's worth and launchpads work just fine.