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Awesome DDA

Too bad you're leaving, but at least your last DDA is great.
Bye. :(

Best DDA ever

Despite being a new map, it did pack a punch. 5aved. There's not launchpads used at all and thwump propulsion and trap door propulsion is great!

you know what?

60 rates is alot. like really people, is it worth having people stop mapping for 13 hours because it won't get any attention because of this?
On the other hand, I'm rating a five right now, so what do I know?


any DDA is fun to watch.
i didnt really think it was that good. in the beginning and at the end ot was good but it seemed like you were running away from the rockets the whole time in the middle and seemed desperate to just get an extra frame. but when you got the rockets back in control it was a good end. 3/5 from me but id give and extra rate because im horrible at KRA's.

Well Done

Enough said.


that is so fucking not cool :'(
DON't LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man!

Top time on nreality!! unbeatable, cant touch this, oh yeah!


bufar - i'm working my way up the ladder, i know how to make an average dda, i just don't have the skill needed to get to cifty's skill level (yes u can get up there, it's hard, but you can do it)..........someday, someday

Its ok

pretty boring to be honest


have a good life aye
and an excellent way to leave. 5/5


you have hit the nail on the head.


I guess this date will forever mark the death of DDAs.
anice way to go, with a last map like that

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo last map??? your like the best (but clifty is awsome too :)) please don't leave PLEASE!!!!

Shit, guys.

This is really happy and sad news at the same time. I hope one or both of you will consider dropping in on NUMA with a DDA or two in the next few years.

Come on, guys. You two combined should be better than this. Rockets clumped early and stayed together for nearly half the DDA, then the ending was pretty much the ninja, the rocket, and a double-rocket sort of entity. The thwump propulsion, however, was pretty impressive, and the close calls were definitely a treat. I suppose it merits a 4/5.

Just kidding, you guys. <3s forever. 5 all around, I say.

<3 toasters


Enough said.
But in the end it's a DDA, a genre I have trouble liking anymore. Great job on all the work you two did. I enjoyed watching this one.
i love ddas when u make them, there half skill and half luck, everytime while your making one and your starting, stopping, starting, stopping, while watching your creation come to life, your always thinking, "dont screw up, dont screw up, dont screw up" and a lot of the sweet moves u can see in a dda can even come to the makers suprise, when u watch it after moving something (the most annoying part of a dda) and when u get to the point u just made, sometimes other things come up and catch u completely by suprise

after all that work of replaying, fixing, replaying, fixing, its a great feeling finishing it

we all have somewhere to go sometimes (or not) and want to get out (or not) and explore the world (or not), but what ever your gonna do, i hope u enjoy it (or not)


Excellent job, guys. Some awesome rocketry to be had throughout. Best of luck in the world beyond N.



incredible. best dda i've ever seen!
5aved 4ever;)

I don't know you, but think of your decision. Your maps are fantastic;-)
Good luck with life, and all that jazz that we're supposed to say. You were one of the select few who i had true respect for around here. I'm sure you'll be pretty well off in this world. Later bud.

Sweet jesus

thats awesome!! Take care then..


cool man

4 don't leave : (

Pretty nice

Brilliant start, it's a shame the rockets kind of grouped together for the remainder of the map though.


Rivals incluye's Chase.
Sorry to hear your going, come back and visit once in a while.

Effing awesome

Great KRA... Beautiful stuff. 4.5 :P
But prefering a whistle :)
I like that, I'll miss you,ven though I don't know you at all

Bye bye mate, don't forget to smile ^^


nice way to go out

add "dda" and "kradda" tags

Amazing :O


bye bluenin i hardly knew ye


Wow this is just amazing