Proper Arrogance

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Author golfkid
Tags action author:golfkid mapdraft5 rated
Created 2009-05-28
Last Modified 2009-05-28
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description [ Gangsta - by maxson924
3 chaingun drones, 30 gold, 10 mines

[ Rule pack:
Zebra - by maxson924
All E-tiles in your packs become 5-tiles.

[ E, 2, 3, 4, I declare a tile war.
185 "E" tiles
4 "2" tiles
6 "3" tiles
4 "4" tiles
48 "5" tiles
12 "6" tiles
8 "7" tiles

[ Evil Mastermind
3 Enemies of your choice
10 Tiles of your choice
10 Gold

Edit: I think this ended up looking remarkably good for having as many 5 tiles as I needed to use, 233 of them...

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I like this... its kinda weird, but i like the mine jumping involved, except the one at the bottom of the middle column.



my speed is ten times to fast
Demo Data


First completion for me, and it can certainly be improved by a pretty decent bit yet. Sub-3000 can't be too terribly bad.

Not a bad demo yourself maxson, for a first try. Getting in and out of those mined areas certainly can be tricky.

Quite frankly, I was most worried about having all the 5-tiles, and the required 3 chainguns. I've seen all sorts of terrible 5-tile maps, and was really afraid that mine would end up turning out like that. Also, chainguns are my least favorite enemy to play with in a level, which translates to very little knowledge of how to use them well when making a level. But I saw them, and immediately thought of doing something sorta similar to 91-4.
Demo Data


How did I miss that...?

Which ones

were yours? The rule pack, I'm guessing, but what was the other one? I wonder why palemoon stopped putting the pack author's name in the pack name...

I like it

Despite the fact that chainguns and rockets are the two most powerful enemies (imo, anyway), this had a nice, laid-back feel to it. Also, while it was almost entirely symmetrical, the movement of the chainguns allowed it to not become repetitive, which was nice. You did a hell of a job with my cruel rule pack, too :P 3.5, rounded up because of the limitations set by the contest

Here was my first-try demo:
Demo Data


You got two of my packs :D

I'll RCE this shortly