The Concept Unicorn

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Tags author:seldon concept modern rated
Created 2009-06-05
Last Modified 2009-06-05
by 10 people.
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Description It has a horn so it is a unicorn, not a horse.

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Decent AGD

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Fastest AGD

Had to look at yours, though...
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Oh, wait... You didn't put any in it! xD
This map however got 7 comments. I am a comment hor what can I say?
worked only once, and on the "concept box" map. It got old faster than the "Yo Dawg" Xzibit jokes...

No rating.



I like the drone eye.
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5 frames faster

I liked the front legs, but you should try making decent maps. I doubt you tried hard on any of these, and if you did well... lol you suck.
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u beat me...

oh well...
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