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glad i havn't rated this yet. 5/5


that is a sweet DDA man


Yes. There's no way to bold or underline text in Numa.


Amazisng can not describe that. If this is the dda.
Demo Data


Lagtastic and fantastic.

astro and sweeper

know best so i will shut up. Damn your superior intelligence.. But Astro. One_question,_why_did_you_start_writing_with_underscores? Is_it_to_stand_out_or_what?

Sweep is right.
It really _is_ a laggy level. And people have every single right not to comment when voting. I do that quite often now since noobs never listen to advice anymore, it's a waste of time, and simply gets hate votes in return.

Also, that's what the voting system is for. You're _allowed_ to vote against the wave. You're _allowed_ to express your opinion. You're _allowed_ to say that this map lags like hell and should have points taken off for it.

But I rated it a five anywho.

That was Awsome

The best DDA ever That was so cool 14 rockets awsome



good map

i post last!


lol roflmao lollerskates this map is teh uberpwnage!


WOW, that was amazing the best DDA ever!!!!!


"2) It did not lag on my cpu so if it does on yours don't rate it down for that.
3)anyone who rates this lower than 4.5 should be brave enough to leave a comment. Who agrees with me? See u Mithril_Silver. U will b sorely missed."

My computer is reasonably fast. Should I start assuming everyone elses is fast enough when I don't really know? It's not my fault it lags. It has too many rockets, I think that's clear. If it lags on my computer, and most levels don't on my computer, then why don't I have the right to rate it down? It lost 0.5. 0.5. Most laggy maps lose much more than that from me. If it's laggy, why should I ignore that?

And just because you rate lower than 4.5 doesn't mean you have to comment. People could have a reason for rating below 4.5, quite easily. That doesn't mean they have to comment.


lets clear a few things up.
1) Sorry Astro for my previous post didn't c your ;)
2) It did not lag on my cpu so if it does on yours don't rate it down for that.
3)anyone who rates this lower than 4.5 should be brave enough to leave a comment. Who agrees with me? See u Mithril_Silver. U will b sorely missed.


great map


sigh im really proud of this map whatever it becomes im gonna make my final leave... never thought this would become so popular... *puts all his maps in a USB drive and puts it with the rest of the stuff in "the closet"* maybe some day ill look back upon this and see endless great maps flood this archieve and 5/5 for all the top maps

o well
peace out numa

Nuts. Now it's a 4.5.


So many rockets, so many close calls, so wicked. Fantastic, truly fantastic.


Its nice but i really dont think its better than the improbbablity drive.

And whoever said it was cluttered and unstylish has my vote too. The tileset was a bit weird and the entire map was very cluttered.

Anyways, 4.5/5

You beat yourself

Awesome, topped your old ones, but i would have like to seen as much blood as room 3 in your first one. 5/5

nice DDA.

it has accumulated over fifty votes in under twenty-four hours!


Mochtar, you have in no way to call people who can't afford super omglololz top-of-the-line computers idiots. Or maybe you don't quite understand their definition of lag. Lag is when a map goes more than 40 ms/f.


Exactly, it went perfectly on my computer as well, and I have a bunch of crap on it.

If you rated it a 5/5 or a 4.5, don't forget to add it to your favorites so that it has a chance of becoming a Suggested map!


Oh yea i forgot...these idiots saying its laggy should get a new went perfectly on my computer. Oh and that dda was pretty long too that desfrves way extra points!! My favourite dda yet!!! Awsome job man.


There you go...i bumped you back to your 5/5 WOO HOO im happy for you man awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dda.

seems so



does that mean i got a 5/5 for 46 votes?
kinda sorry I guess, but i voted what I think it deserved...


I dunno... felt cluttered and not sylish... There was great parts for sure and they were frequent but it just felt like a messy dda.
Amazing. A-freaking-mazing. Best of the series for sure. 5/5


wow this is amazing 5/5 at 36 votes

to everyone who say its laggy, erm theres only one way to fix this change the configuration to medium quality... it might help... since i have a pretty fast comp it ran fairly smoothly.... i think the highest ms/f i got was around 150 when all the rockets are lauched

srry if i lags on your computer
A really good DDA. But not a 5/5, IMO. It's too laggy. Yeah, I know, a lot of DDAs are laggy, but it is just not as fun watching a DDA that isn't running smoothly.

Nonetheless - an excellent final map. Good job.
I voted 5, not cos everyone else had, but because this is a stunning DDA! So many enemies, so many close calls, exellent!




wow thx guys i got a 5/5 rating right now :) ya i know this DDA was kinda pad heavy and too much trapdoor and stuff but i gave up everything to create close calls so good to see u all liked it


nice one. Very nice one. Come back & see us sometime, yah?


O_O o_O O_o





Did you notice my winky smile?


That was the best DDA I've ever seen, You are my god...