The Tree of Knowledge

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab easy rated
Created 2009-06-19
Last Modified 2009-06-19
by 6 people.
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Description I wish I picked the fruit from that tree.

Anyone that didn't catch my last map, (which imo was really crap)I'm back. That is I'm making maps again. I have been on from time to time to comment, but this is me coming back as an author. Thnx to everyone who pretended they were happy when I came back, haha means a lot.

As for this map. The thumbnail is really bad looking I know. But it didn't have the same atmosphere any other way. It's quite fun, and sometimes unpredictable. But it doesn't really compose a challenge for the more experienced players.

Enjoy yourselves

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thats great xD

That fruit looks tasty.


Crappy AGD
Demo Data

Crap AGD

But it was first try. This was fun. I'm surprised I got that edge jump though.
Demo Data
Faster AGD.
Demo Data

Decent AGD I think

Would I be wrong in assuming you remember me?
Demo Data


you might get a different drone path, (for the second drone) but that was the most common one. Improvise lol
Demo Data

want to collab

sometime. (like next week)?