Mellowship Slinky In B Major

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Author Arona_Daal
Tags admusic author:arona_daal bssm playable rated redhot rona-best
Created 2009-06-23
Last Modified 2022-06-12
by 5 people.
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Description Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

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this one has a clever idea behind it, great bottom portion
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yea I know

red hot chilli peppers right? Its okay, were all hypocrites at some point ;)
its the album, smart one. But actually, you're completely right and I'm a hypocrite.


Does this map reflect your opinion about not writing something random that hopefully sounds meaningful? Haha. 4/5

first try agd

fun to hop around in. i like the gauss mechanics tied in with the tiles in the lower portion.
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Somewhat this map makes me remember atob's maps'.
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