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Author Crappicrap
Tags author:crappicrap planetary playable rated seneschal series
Created 2009-07-10
Last Modified 2009-07-10
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description The 9th planet. Or is it?!

DED to seneschal for the fastest speedrun on one of my maps.

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I felt the structure was a little plain and the level didnt have any fun mechanics involved at all. 3/5. Still not a bad map :P


here's the agd.. B)
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It looks

like a great map,too bad i cant play it...

I was like

*Disney (???) channel*
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Sub-1000 speed

Still dodgy in a few places :(
Demo Data

It took

me a while, but I got a faster AGD =P
I mucked up in several places, though...
Demo Data

And a speedrun

to boot! ;D
Demo Data

quicker agd

just to pose some challenge.. =P
Demo Data

another coll ending

ninja's respawn, who needs to be safe
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I'm lovin' it

i love being the essential fifth voter..
Shuriken hoo-ah!


With a safe ending. Remember that, kids: better to be safe than to be cool!
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No probs! Glad you enjoyed it! =)

@nature's peril
That was quite an ending!

slow agd, but cool ending
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very much for the ded - I appreciate it, especially since this is a very good map. It's fun, well constructed and there are plenty of nice opportunities for jumps. The enemies were well placed and chosen and never became truly overwhelming. Shame it's aesthetic appeal isn't great, but still, good job. 4.5 up and faved.
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