Constellation of Callisto

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Author da_man894
Tags author:da_man894 clown playable race rated wolfgang
Created 2009-07-14
Last Modified 2009-07-14
by 21 people.
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Description One of my last maps. I don't get on here much anymore, but the lack of quality in some of the races these days is astounding. Have fun.

Ded to Wolfgang for fastest demo on Steel Garden.

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It is.

I thought

Callisto was a moon?

So I'll pm ya on the forums?
I don't care if the race takes a long time.

I can see you might collab with etdeshon... Maybe we could collab sometime, of course, if you want to :)


bud. nice to see you commenting. =)
hope we can collab sometime ^^


it sure has been awhile da_man. i love this map. definately my favorite right now. its like completely open. definately what i love in races. 5/5
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it wasn't very creative or very well-crafted.

xD <3

love it 5aved


good to see that my favourite author is still hanging on here.
5aved as usual lol
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chimneying speed varies among players so much that it's not so good to include it in a race.


this is pretty average. it's alike many other race maps i play.
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Loved that thwump

in the beginning. Nice job. Sorry to see you leave :|


for sure. 5/5

you are definitely

one of my favorite authors.
but if you would like to help me with a map sometime, just give me a yell.

Thanks guys.

Currently working with Heatwave. Be expecting something in the next month.



and you turned out to be a natural :P


and you turned out to be a natural :P

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and you turned out to be a natural :P
I don't really care. I would actually change my username, but so many people know me by it that I don't think it'd be worth it. I made this account not expecting to get good at N. Ha! I just typed some bullshit name down so I could submit maps.

This was awesome !!!... You may not know me but you're my biggest inspiration 5/5
You are one of the best race makers to ever surface, and i will miss your maps if you leave.
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AGD run

I went through that first bounceblock like 10 times.

By the way, is it okay if I call you Casey?
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2 frames faster.

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Classic da_man,

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I'll make a more open race next time.
I've got one sitting in my .txt of levels, but it isn't very good to be honest.

You inspire me

to make race maps.

...I should probably make another. Beat all of yours in the Race Pack, and I'm using the whole pack for reference.