Mine Circles

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n bouncies mines rated
Created 2009-07-18
Last Modified 2009-07-18
by 14 people.
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Description Use the Bouncies to make your way through the circles of mines. An agd demo is possible. Ill comment it upon request. Good Luck!

EDIT: gold placements in some areas.

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Hmm.. I remember these "mine maze" series.. Ah, nice, nice..

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Oh my gosh insta- fave!!! 5/5


wonderful thumb, very enjoyable gameplay


this level rocks 5aved

your really good

so i need to ask a question. What maps do people really like? i've seen some maps which look rubbish but people love them.

great map

i love it. lots of fun jumps and wonderful gold placement. but the name could have been better. 4.

Fast demo

I really like this map and the mine circles are perfect. 4aved =D
Demo Data

no worries

i wasnt good at them either, plus i playtested this one a lot to make sure is doable.

7 rates so far! probably my most successful map except my N-arts. Thanks!

crappy demo

i suck at mine jumpers
Demo Data


That was super duper fun! Faved. :D


for the ratings and comments everybody!


firstly, I think it would look way better if it was zsnapped mines. Also, watch out, for future referance, how close you put gold to bb's, they tend to delay the effects of a bb, for example, n grabs gold first before touches the bb, therefore, I can press jump the second my feet arrive the bb, but it hasn't touched it yet. Other than that, its a great map and fun challenge, great work!
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that looks sexy! I going to play it :)

awsomee job


Je le jouerai dans un sec peut-être. :p


the translator mixed up a few words, making it sound funny.

thanks guys!

Much better. :)

L'or juste de fond pourrait sembler un peu mieux, mais je suppose que je cherche vraiment juste la petite bête. :p

the edit

made the agd 2 gold short, but thats all my fault (excellent maneuvers btw)

also, my (old) agd demo was 3000+ frames. nice speed run there.
there like perfect


translated the french. ill fix the gold..

XD thanks for the rate!


not as hard as it looks.
concerning looks, this map has everything: awesome mines, an okay tileset and pretty ugly gold =)
the gameplay was pretty good i have to say. the bounceblocks were placed well and the jumps were fun.
Demo Data

Aesthetics are sick

mais l'or qui est à côté de vous quand vous commencez et en haut dans le droit supérieur semble vilain. :p