Going back forward

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing collab itt lightning55 rated time-travel
Created 2009-07-23
Last Modified 2009-07-23
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description As part of a portal experiment, a young girl transcended into the future. Wanting to return to her normal life, Melining decides to jump back into the portal to her past, her old present. However, the fourth dimension is full of odd ways. The path back seems to be longer than the way here. Beasts which have cross dimensions willingly try to destroy the intruder. Any wrong move in this vortex leads her back forward. She needs to cross quickly and fluently back in time.

Infernal contraption, infernal contraption,
What do you have to hide?
In this massive machine of twists and tides.
Up comes the glory, and there ebbs the tears,
Only one story, will make the girl cry.
You see it all before you
You see it all today
There stands a monster, strong and formidable
Are you ready to play?


Round 2 collab between me and lightning55, for it takes two.

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Too Long is ten minutes
TOO LONG TOO LONG! The left was for optional gold so I made two doors. I made several optional paths for the gold but Meta changed it back.
but its still a completion. I think you made this a bit too long. the left hand side seemed a bit unnecessary
Demo Data
And it was my story and I only made a quarter of the map. Mostly I did refining to make the map a bit easier and less frustrating. And true to all my collabs, I'm not rating though it's not like it needs it.

kept dieing here...
Demo Data

Nice concept


That story....

the story in your description reminds me of an anime i've seen xD, forgot the name though.


I thought the concept was nice but just really frustrating with the amount of enemies. great job, though.
but the map is still sweet, the top left section was kind of silly to me though.. fun map, 4aved

too many objects

imo, but other than that i guess it's alright


i do like

that concept... great job meta =D
and i agree with WBC, 5/5

Well this map

settles the dispute, spammed objects don't make a map bad. this is proof! 5/5

weridly fun :D 4/5


is a sweet concept.
But I don't have time right now.