Road Spikes n Yellow Stuff

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Author Buckeye23
Tags action author:buckeye23 gold meduim mines rated
Created 2009-07-25
Last Modified 2009-07-25
by 5 people.
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Description 3rd Make here at Numa, a lot better than the noobish maps i submitted.

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slow speed run,

I like the map, but half your switches were superfluous (see demo), and the spike are hard to move around on.

the flow is hard to find, although I liked the bit next to the launch pad just left to the bottom center of the map.

My opinion does not reflect the general consensus view, but I think tiles should be functional first and pretty second.


I don't want to advertise on your map, but could you check out my recent map Playground?
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come on

too easy for me maaaan

tooo eaaasyyy
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2nd try

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