Bubble Popping Madness

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Author fireburnsfree
Tags action author:fireburnsfree fbf-6 fun playable rated viil
Created 2009-08-02
Last Modified 2010-03-01
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description Collab between Viil and myself. RCE

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is really cool and keeps the map interesting. YOu guys need to collab more often!
Demo Data
I loved how you guys decided to do the drop from the top of the map down a bounceblock strip in the middle there. The ending wasn't anticlimactic either, which made the whole experience a great one.

but had to do something n couldnt play. cool idea tho, closed in mine jumper into an open area. wasnt too fond of the that open chaingun area (maybe you couldve moved the bounce blocks to the right more to avoid getting hit after the jump to the first bounce). really liked the closed in area though, despite as flagmyidol eluded too, more people recently are using that circle setup. still fun, 4aved


collabing with viil atm...
but after that itd b great : P

Very tedius

and overly difficult. It's like you've put mines for the purpose of killing flow. Also, in the extreme case that I make it outside, the chaingun kicks my ass.
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well thanks for the rating on mine, another average to add to the list, but I have a question. Youve submitted 6 maps, and yet 5 of them are rated. You didnt join that long ago, and you submitted your first map 3 days ago. Whereas I joined at 1 and 1/3 months ago and ive submitted average almost a map a day (as oppose to your average likely 2 maps a day) and yet I only have 1 rated, and its art! is there a time that you're submitting yours that they get so much attention? or is it just that they look better and more interesting in general as oppose to mine? ah well. sorry for going off topic over here, just wanted to make sure you got my questions.



No he made tiles

I plced objects. He moved and changed some, then so did I. Then it was subbed


thats awesome^^
but i think viil did the most work right??

great great great

great great... u get it : P
but u c as soon as there r some awesome tiles to c on the thumb...
U'l get a lot more comments and rates haha ; )
great map : )
u and viil DO make great maps together.

nice collab

make more!



i love the circles

and this is great for how new u r.

not lots of time

just rubbed me wrong

sorry, bye.

It hurt my feelings

you could have explained it more insted of saying it like you just hate me.

tiles were ripped

outside sucked. inside gameplay was okay, outside wasn't.

no rating


;) those were Viil's doing :)

cool, those circles are so good looking ;)

good map

I agree with him. The map is great 5/5

great map

Viil and you make great maps together 5faved