Björn the Blacksmith

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Author Narange
Tags action author:narange bjorn blacksmith gauss playable rated
Created 2009-08-04
Last Modified 2009-08-04
by 9 people.
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Description Thanks to all of those that commented, rated, and demoed my maps so far.

This map is a DED to chume14. Why? ..... cuz. Cheers, chume.

My third map. Hope you like!

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Hah, hah.

I see what you did with the one-way there, by the exit.

4/5 from me, and faved, simply because this map made me forget, for a while, the huge project I have due tomorrow or the fact that I have to go in early to take a Latin test.
So "Cheers" XD


this is really enjoyable. love the drones and the atmosphere.
great job.





I really enjoyed it

all the little sections were interesting and the were well weaved together. I didn't like the one-ways it would be better without them.

Heres an AGD its very slow in comparison to you guys but since I went to the effort of getting it I thought I might as well post. Thanks again :D
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have been on holiday so I've just seen this but I shall play thouroughly tomorrow :)

that's better.

sub-2000 is impossible i think.

i have to agree with ethel about the aesthetics. though they are not especially bad, the tiles for example could've needed some refinement.
most parts of the map work well, but some were kinda annoying. for example i wasn't a fan of the bounceblock in the lower left or the drone in the upper left room.
on the other hand, the jumppad was placed perfectly and the thwumps all worked very well.
so overall, a pretty good 3rd map. very fun, and that's what matters isn't it.
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sTalkR shows how it's done!

easy :P

and i even messed up near the end.
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Do you think

Travis Bickle cared about looks?

certain parts do

but in conjunction with objects they are sloppz


It was delightful watching your demo.

You never know how other people will play it until you submit it. 'Tis a good feeling to know now.


I thought it looked good... ;(


got almost there but faltered.
Great map for your third, I liked a lot of the object placement, not too clunky or cluttered, but lots of challenge.
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Hey mon

Give my map a looksee, I'll play your three maps :)

n33dz moar sthetix


Beat my score!!!! AUUGH!
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