Gorillaz - N-art Band Tribute

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags author:amomentlikethis bitesized n-art rated
Created 2005-11-13
by 31 people.
Map Data

Description "This took a while to make! After seeing another map submitted earlier called 'Tribute to Green Day' I kinda got the idea to do this.

To make it as central as I could I started with the L's in the middle, copying the Grafiti in the back of Gorillaz G Sides album booklet thingy. I hope you like this, my hands need a rest now though. Thanks."

Resubmitted into N-art catagory. Old Test-Level version deleted.

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suck!!! 4/5 cuz it looks good though


4.5/5 + .5/5 for good taste...


love the group. 5/5

Oh yes...

The first map to be on the top rated list for N-Art lol...woo!