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Author Meatpuppet
Tags action author:meatpuppet blaine rated
Created 2009-10-01
Last Modified 2009-10-01
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description this is what happens when you come to Blaine
this is what happens when Blaine comes to you

you cannot stop Blaine
nobody can stop Blaine

Blaine will watch you
Blain will see you

Blaine is all-powerful
all-powerful is Blaine

Obstruction is Blain
Truth is Blaine
Tracks are Blaine
Destruction is Blaine

Blaine is pain.

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I don't like the killer ending now...

but the rest of it is pretty good. I love the falling start
Demo Data

sorry magirocker D:

I edited it and broke your demo.


for the 5, made my day

first try

almost an AGD

Tiles are great, and fit in well with the gameplay, I think
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