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Created 2009-10-07
Last Modified 2009-10-07
by 23 people.
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Description better get a new butler.

This map was featured on 2011-08-07

Willikens liked his head.
He found it to be so very lovely. And to be sure, it had something - a certain spark that was decidedly lacking in most other heads. For much of his life Willikens had skated by, coasting on the success of his wonderful head. It brought him fame, fortune - it treated him right as he treated it in turn.

But now he has a problem. Something has separated cranium from 'sapiens and Willikens does not know what to do.

Plus there's some weird friggin bump on his arm. Should probably get that checked. — Godless

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So many wasted words here.
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A review that is not about the map being reviewed does not make me want to play the map, and often I won't bother to read it beyond the first line or two.
This whole issue pisses me off, so I'm just going to ignore it now.


squibs does bring up a good point. (Hopefully) to expand on what he said, I consider maps as an artistic medium, and therefore entirely subjective in their creation and interpretation. This goes for reviews. I myself do always lean towards clinical and well written reviews in preference, but that doesn't please everyone. Every reviewer has the right to choose the way they want to review maps. If you don't like it, put your name down for reviewership (like I did) and actively make a change, and not just be pessimistic.

All that nonsense aside, Palemoon is a tile master. Nuff said.
what parts did you not understand?
I mean, the fact that it's reviewed already states that the reviewer thinks the map is good, and anything further than that would be describing the qualities of the specific map - something which should really not be necessary, given that either you don't care, or you're going to find out what they are yourself when you play it, as you said, eganic.

Additionally, I personally think that a creative review such as this is more inclined to interest people than one merely describing the map, which would logically lead to a greater number of people playing the map, meaning that the job is being done more successfully than it would have been done by the suggested alternative.

Ultimately, I don't think the reviewer's job isn't specifically to write something about the map, but rather to make people see something about it - whether it be through what is written, or the fact that the review is interesting enough to make you want to play it and learn it yourself. I believe both avenues are viable ones, and it's up to the discretion of the reviewer to decide which is more appropriate.

There is a happy medium in this, reviews should be witty complement the map and be entertaining in some way (if that means telling a story so be it). Even though this argument is unneeded I still see validity in it.
Map was okay, loved the tiles didn't like the rocket in the wall nor the gold. Or even the laser placement. 2

reefer* to eganic's comment below

*future reviews

, even.

I think you're taking the review function too literally and seriously but I refuse to continue a dramafest on palemoon's lovely map. The long and short of it is, I've already told you I will accommodate your opinion in my further reviews - I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with further argument. If you insist on any more back and forth, please comment on one of my maps.

Or sunset's.
... refer to eganic's comment below.
on standard reviews nowadays is there an issue here
It's a short, cute, irrelevant, fairy tale based almost entirely on Godless's imagination. I don't have a problem with this being used to present the map to the public because the job obligates you to say something, (even if that something doesn't involve justifying what you think makes the map worth putting in the spotlight). What I have a problem with is calling it a "review" when it is so painfully obviously not a review of anything at all. I mean it's more of an artistic reinterpretation of the map in a different format than a commentary on it. It's as much of a review of the map as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is a review of Lewis Carroll's original novel.

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I like fun maps

with cool tiles.
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pretty cool map

the review's weak, though.
than the boring crap that says "oh this is why I like the map." I can figure out a map's qualities by playing it myself. I want to see fewer reviews like that and more reviews like this.

Cool map

Short and sweet.

And at the risk of starting /that/ argument all over again, I personally like these reviews more than the generic 'say what you see' kind. Analysing each element of a map and explaining why it makes the map fun will more often than not result in a description which could equally be applied to hundreds of maps, and won't facilitate much of a desire to play it. A review like this, one the other hand, to me indicates that the reviewer enjoyed the map so much that they actually felt inspired to write something new and interesting, which in turn makes me want to examine how much the review matches up to the scenario they've devised in my own head.

Or then again maybe I don't really care at all and will actually play a feature regardless of the strength of the review, but ssh.
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I was miffed and I chose to convey that subtley with my word choice. Don't take it personally, I don't like when anybody's review looks like this.

Duly noted, Eganic

I don't share that opinion, but since I'm sure you're not the only one to hold that opinion I will make sure to vary my review style.

Though I find it irritating that you had to word your comment so insultingly in order to appear witty.
Also, of ALLLLLL the billions of PALEMOON maps on NUMA... you settle for this one. Not a very interesting map at all. 2.5 rounded down.

Fantastic review

Will play this later, but I just wanted to say that.

I don't like

When the review is just a little paragraph someone threw together for their creative writing class and doesn't actually refer to the qualities of the map. It just shows that you don't (or can't) take the time to analyze what makes the map fun for you.

así me gusta!

otro puto mapa de PALEMOON es Featured, me encanta, enhorabuena y 5/5 totalmente merecido.
That is not an answer. Cool map. The floorguard worked wonders.
that I can get behind. This is really great. 4/5

sans :3


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floor guard

so far you're winning by a landslide, at least to me
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Classy. Also, looks like you've acquired a new batch of fanboys.