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Author el_devo
Tags author:el_devo beatable featured playable rated
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2011-06-17
by 19 people.
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Description Ded to Capnshazmo for his agd on my last map

This map was featured on 2011-06-09

Area 51 has a certain degree of mystique. Speculated to hold the remains of the Roswell crash, it harbours immaculately designed defenses including motion trackers buried under the ground, CCTV on the hills watching the perimeter and radar enforcing a no-fly zone. And that's all only the outside.

Area 15 has less. It has a rocket launcher, a chaingun and a collection of landmines. Compared to Area 51, it's North Dakota. But then again, it doesn't really need any more defence.

I mean, you've never even heard of it. — squibbles

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Wow. Well thanks for an awesome ded! Map looks great and plays well.
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This isn't even close to what I was talk about lol

Not fast.

But I still like this demo, and the map.
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i beat it


First try AGD

Wow, this was a hell of a lot better than it looked.
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imo, brilliant.

its good.

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if there was gameplay outside of the one-ways, like that ultcult map that was featured a while back.

I like the review.
given that it's got substantially lower crime rates than the rest of the country.

North Dakota

Digital Fortress.


I kind of like the aesthetics, actually. They feel kind of unique. Neiche.


Thanks Squibbles, and I haveto say that I am VERY surprised that this map got featured. It was one of my first maps and it is ugly as mess, and it also plays really linearaly. But all that aside, thanks for all of the feedback everyone!
congrats on the feature though!


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this looks horrible, but plays somewhat decently...agree with bufar on the 'gets old quick' thing.
grats on the feature el_devo!
bad speedrun below
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I like this.
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Good one.

really cool!

as bufar said though, it's linear and restrictive nature makes it get old relatively quickly, but it's extremely fun to play the first few times, 4/faved
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were enough enemies that were not overpowering but provided ample action. 4.


defences. @___@

First Try

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you are a very good author. you're going on my suggested list

thanks everybody.. and i know jawbit but sometimes you just have to throw it out there :D


It's fun, but it's so linear that it wears down really quickly.

awesome thumbnail

concept is very cool; excecution could've been a bit better.

Also, people hate it when you complain about getting attention (personally, I dont really care, but most people do). Anyway, nice work, 4/5

i appreciate all the comments everybody