Dangerous Town

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Author rit0987
Tags author:rit0987 fun medium race rated
Created 2009-10-31
Last Modified 2009-11-02
by 14 people.
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Description I think I've lost my talent...
EDIT: I haven't...

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this ios a demo of the right way
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It does do a good job of establishing a "feeling".


Like it a lot, but there are some flow/aesthetic problems and it's not too original all in all.

This map.

is the best map i have played in quite a while. You are not losing your touch. Trust me, when you lose it, you will notice it. Sadly, ive hit a wall but hopefully ill be over it soon enough.

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it was fun

but i dont really see how it was that much better than any of your other maps. you are very consistent and i enjoy all your maps, but now i dont have much spare time i want to spend the time i do have playing something really original. keep collabing, and i think your own maps will pick up more ideas from that.
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Agree with Destiny

this is easily one of you best races, dont say your losing your talent because you're only getting better. Really liked the new tiles, looked fantastic. 4.5^

thanks guys :D
If you honestly think you're losing your talent, then... I dont know. But you arent. And besides that, all race makers lose their talent at some point. It's happened to me twice. It's happening to etdeshon quite severely right now. Apparantly. But when you break through the wall, and your 'talent' emerges from the tunnel it's been travelling down, it will be better than ever. It's after times like those that i make my all-time bests.

This race has an atmosphere. It's somewhat thin and crispy (I do love pizza) but it's definately there. You've combined theme with great flow and integrated -everything in the map- into the theme. Thus giving birth to atmosphere. And atmosphere is really the pinacle of race-making. Keep it up ^^



solid 4
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i really like your races...always have. because there always fun to play, and easy to find the flow.

i think this one had a bit too much running from left to right etc.
loved the theming though ^^ 4/5
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happy halloween rit :)

Maybe I did get the idea from you.. unconsciously


I probably just used it and you used it too. I had used it in my previous race. I personally like the idea and it's good for races that have a good amount of launchpads.
That happens to me, too... :/

Ah well, I like this, but I think there are a bit too many launchpads; because of them the flow feels slightly DDA-ish at points... That might has to do with the theme, but I think it's also possible to create a mechanical feel without that many launchpads :P...
I like how you combine loops with abstract elements, though and the tileset is pretty nice... The enemies work well, blablablablablabl4. ^^

(And I think that everbody gets some time the idea of switches on top launchpads even without playing other maps...)

was it your idea ?
but did you take my idea of door switches on the lauchpads?

Actually matty, you have helped me a lot, your maps inspire me every time I played them.. I had to make like 4 races I didn't like to make this one... still thanks.. I wont


your maps are varied and exciting. I liked the use of thwumps and the flow parts were there were only one tile of space were interesting.

Thanks jawbit (: I'll check some of your maps
the objects blend perfectly with the tiles. The one-ways and the mines were perfect, and I loved sailing through the gold. The tiles are just awesome. I'm not a big fan of races, but this is an exception. Here, have a 5.


for what?

making maps?

twas fun :)

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Flow demo
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