Comfortably Numb

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Author GRN
Tags author:grn flow grn mattymc race rated teleporters
Created 2009-11-02
Last Modified 2009-11-02
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description New collab between MattyMc and I.

Teleporters go either vertically or horizontally.


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Nice use of teleporters in a race. Also the thwumpscene was very nice. Otherwise nothing really special.
Demo Data


Demo Data


yea me to, listening to it right now.

I'm surprised that

no one's commented on the title. I just want to say that I love that song.


agree with most about the teleports and thwumps..

though the teleporters were alright, once figuring out where they were.
4/5... jeez theres been a few collbas lately ^^

Nice :D not a big fan of teleporters but nice :D
If you have trouble getting in the forums try: (Thanks gtm :D )


the forums have been acting up on me, are the down or something?

anyways, i couldnt see the new messages. Will look as soon as the link becomes unbroken. =P
the gold patterns are really nice, and I liked how you used a high amount of different enemies to create variety.

this deserves a 4,5 rounded up.
I think you could've make the teleporters at least visible; the first one was a little too surprising for me :P...
The map made fun, but first after you knew where the teleporters are and what they do...

The tiles were ok; the gold pattern itself was pretty cool, but the placement could've been better. 4


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this demo here...

... has shortcuts
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the right way

this is the proper way
Demo Data
unlike the teleporters.

i did

like the thwumps, but the laser kinda ruined it for me.


I personally dislike teleporters on races, but the thwump parts make up for it. I really enjoyed the thwump parts
Demo Data

this happend too many times for me :(
Demo Data


some nice teleportation work


ill post a demo tomorrow. Dont have time now :P