Club With a Nail in it

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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal club nail prophet unrated
Created 2009-11-10
Last Modified 2012-05-05
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Description I really love this one.

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replaced chaingun with a rocket

here's a new agd

gotta love how the rocket follows you into the seeker area
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The chaingun is good. I'm not a big fan of single-gold formations. Good gameplay though.

you're great

thanks, btw interesting map.mmh.

gloomp + uncon, to me. or something.

it's out.


love the tiles and gameplay

S'all right. Seekers didn't fit in too well, though, but it was okay.
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I enjoyed it.

Not beautiful to look at, but fun to play.
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Its so, smooth, flowy, DAMN ANNOYING AT THE CHAINGUN, and then a sweet slide uphill to the exit...



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Also, it stands for 'fuck the world'.

Just for your information.

For the win ftw.


I just realized how noobish that sounded XD

nice minimalism

btw, what does ftw mean?
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Parallel jumps ftw.

Seneschal ftw.

Slow AGD

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