Prince of Persia?

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Author jparth_1994
Tags author:jparth_1994 nreality of persia prince princeofpersia unrated
Created 2009-11-10
Last Modified 2009-11-10
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Description i know this is not the kind of map that looks prince of persia - ish, but i tried imitating some of the stuff that happens in that game. the blocks kind are like the tapestries you stick your knife into and slide down. the thumps and drones are just traps i guess. If it sucks, please suggest ideas.
(need nreality)

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I don't think this was hard but the mods were really cool.
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awkward mods lol
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it was on nreality. nice. very hard on nrealty ^^ but abit more fun
abit messy in alot of places though. keep up the nice work :)
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