Life Is A Delicate Flower

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Author miststalker06
Tags adventure author:miststalker06 chume14 fun hard rated
Created 2009-11-24
Last Modified 2009-11-24
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Dedication to Chume14 [] for making such awesome maps! There you go mate, keep 'em coming ^^

Adventure-like map - I know you love 'em :)

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It's a great map I didn't like the locked-door key mechanic and the double mine jump was irritating at first but the rest was spot on. The one-way tunnel is very cool and the rocket jumping section at the top was fun. Here's an ok agd which was quite hard to get the map didn't seem to hard but I kept messing up somewhere. Thanks :)
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that you clearly put into yur maps, im surprised their not rated =(

awesome again though ;D

agree with Z

it's awesome looking and fun to run through...just the one-ways under the tiles look a bit strange cuz of that thin line

that one-way tunnel

is very cool
Demo Data

I'm playing it now............