Our Ancestors Lie Deep In These Hills

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt drones dronie-winner hard rated survival
Created 2009-11-26
Last Modified 2010-01-15
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Survival map of 2009! Picked from a wide selection of the 8 good survivals from last year! Thanks to everyone who voted on this and put up with me.


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Wrong map! Whoops.

Extremely fast AGD
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AGD minus 1.
Demo Data
and this one just blew me away......
very good survival. 4
he`s kind of cheating.
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stupid mine

Demo Data

I'd say

Izzy wins

Would've been EPIC

if there was an exit.

As it is, 3.4

Woo! I'm on your mystery list.

I know your style.

In both senses. The maps play like your maps, and it all felt like the kind of thing you'd pull.

oh, and thanks for the feature, GTM. I was quite surprised that you chose such an early one, but whatever. <3


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I've sent the demo as a PM to you on the forums
Those chainguns. D:<
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great survival.

I always managed to grab all the middle gold, but when the chainguns came out, all hell was breaking loose.

It was a bone-jarring experience. Especially the seekers were exciting.
you seem to have a blind spot where I got stuck
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No it doesn't.

I haven't seen any runs that I want to nominate. If someone did agd this, then I'd consider it worthy of a dronie.
this demo would be awesome but sadly however hard I try I can't make it.

You really shouldn't be offing your dronie nomination as a reward that kinda defies the point and also surely a longer agd is better otherwise what we just supposed to kill our ninja as soon as we have all the gold it is a survival.

I liked the map but not the chainguns and the laser should be stationary.
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Tough survival map.

I can handle the laser and the seekers, but then the chainguns come out and the gauss and all hell breaks over.

Not bad, though.
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... Wait...
Demo Data


Demo Data

A reminder of the dronies... Linked in map description...
So... going for the survival map dronie are we?

fun map though, 4


I'm so gonna get that nomination.
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You'll get it eventually. You really have to move out of the central area, then come back in when the chainguns are in the middle. They're more manageable then.

On an unrelated note, WHAT THE CRAP.
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i'll try again later... :P
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omfg this is hard.

i managed to get all of the middle gold, if that counts. XD
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AGD Fail

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