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Author FailN
Tags author:failn cool first fun hi one rated
Created 2009-12-04
Last Modified 2009-12-04
by 8 people.
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Description Hi I´m the new one
hope my maps are fun


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maxson. we have the same style of mapping. lets go out.

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Welcome to NUMA

I found the tiles amazing. I found the objects (especially the thwumps) overkill. Just listen to what ZTHING said.

Check out my maps, too.
"always start with a cool tileset before you fill it with items"

I've made plenty of maps where I'll make just a portion of the tileset, then the objects for it, then the next portion, etc.

"develop a style"

NO NO NO. Just map. Fuck styles.

Welcome to NUMA

Listen to the following and you'll improve quickly:

Don't put gold right along the path - it's meant to offer an extra challenge

Always start with a cool tileset before you fill it with items

Usually, less enemies is better, fewer enemies can offer a challenge without making it frustrating

1 enemy can do the job of 3

Don't lock enemies behind doors

Watch where you put your trapdoors. If they lock the ninja in a corner or a place where you can't get out, it's a bad idea to place it there.

Feel free to ask questions

Just keep mapping - You'll start to understand what makes a good map.

Always listen to advice from respectable authors

Don't spam items or enemies or maps

Only post 2 maps on Hot Maps at a time

Play other people's maps. . . a lot

Learn new things, and try new ideas and concepts

Devolope a style

Playtest ALL of your maps (Can't stress that enough)

Anyway, Welcome to NUMA
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