Toxic Lagoon

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Author rit0987
Tags author:rit0987 destiny flow fun geckos race rated
Created 2009-12-10
Last Modified 2011-04-18
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description A race inspired in Destiny.
Special Thanks to Destiny [] for playtesting :)
Also thanks to Geckos [], because his race inspired me too [], in fact I even ripped off the very beggining.


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Agd. Very good.
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i got it

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Still, one of my favourite races out there. ;)

Sorry man, forgot to send you our collab tiles :/ also Imma try and review this :D


those are some hot aesthetics.



short cut
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I would have to say that people hated my 50 so only my collab with destiny and this one xD


not three? ;_;
very fun ;D

do you want to collab with a race with me?
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finally a good race map, we hadnt had anny in ages.
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i reckon this is probably your best map yet!
love the openess and the use of enemies and asthetics.

jeez.. this is two excellent races in a row.

this is great

make more like this (:


5aved, loved it. Looked great and a very nice path, I enjoyed playing it again and again.

Laser got me a bit too often right at the end, though...


definitely the most i've enjoyed one of your races. very easy, so not much satisfaction in the completion but good fun.
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That looks very professional. But still a bit unrefined in parts.

Apart from that, it's beautiful and the flow is allright.

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