Breathing Room

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Author Mute_Monk
Tags author:mute_monk breathing featured rated room thwump tower
Created 2009-12-13
Last Modified 2010-03-18
by 12 people.
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Description Save yourself.

This map was featured on 2012-08-11

While a VERY VERY STRONG map-maker, Mute_Monk never got the CONGRATULATIONS he deserved. For this reason, I come here today to show you Breathing Room. This map is really hard! Not many can beat it, probably. I sure haven't! I have, however, played it enough to know how good it is. Showcasing an amazingly original concept and numerous superfluous mines, author blends the past... with the present. Before you shout, "Hey wait!!! The enemies consist of mostly thwumps! I might get bored!" you must know that they-- the thwumps-- are used most effectively. Think before you play, kids! Hah hah! — artistolipto

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i don't believe there's much wrong with a badly written review or twelve. we have a history of bad reviews. we have a history of controversy. controversy makes this community tick.
besides, they make the good reviews stand out even more.


Personally, I think Personally, I think Featuring it is neither what the reviewer likes or what will please the community. Obviously it will be closer to the reviewer like that what community like. But personally, I think that Featuring is basically otherwise acknowledge, in this case in the front page of NUMA, a job really well done.
A map, or alternatively, an use of the Neditor, made on ​​an extraordinary way. Of course there are some pre-established basis of what may be well and what could be wrong.
Something that can prove what I say, would be for example, Featuring an door eerie, an excellent door eerie, possibly to many community members do not like, but if the map and the use of the editor was excellent, worthwhile Featuring and recognize that work. I will do the test.
It's about what you think the community will like.
Why don't you just become a reviewer?

i am

sad that this is what feature worthy is.

brilliant review.

cool map, better review.
I used to be such a novice.
Let's leave it at that.

The review is great

be quiet!

horrible review .-.


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Fun map
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at all. Huh??? Great map, 5/5!


...romaniac nice save on that small wall when falling down towards the exit!...


like 4ish

A really enjoyable map, normally I dislike having to wait for the thwumps to attack then move off but I was rather pleased with the overall result. I think this deserves a high 4, bordering on a 5. :D

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Since it is possible to get into the exit key zone without opening the door first, I think you should have made the way into there a bit long winded if the player were to choose the way through the door.
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Fast AlmostGD.
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Rounded up, of course.

I liked the gameplay a lot. It was not particularly challenging, but it had it's quirkiness and some cool moments. I liked the gold placement, although it would have been nice if there was some more ambitious gold. That said, the overall aesthetic, which is to say, Homer Simpson's Foot, (tiles) was somewhat lacking for me. I especially did not like the mines on the side. They crowded what could have been essentially solved from a gameplay perspective with about five mines without adding much stylistically. Slow AGD:
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I like the style.

Could've been more styled.


i'm not as good as you people are

howz it impossible?


No. It is quite possible. See demo.
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i'm sorry. it is. 4 stars for the effort though