Swamp Fire

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Author creedengine
Tags action author:creedengine unrated
Created 2009-12-15
Last Modified 2009-12-15
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Description Post AGDs and speedruns!

Also, I would appreciate ratings and comments on my last map, as it was kinda unnoticed; might return the favor.

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Here's a better agd
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I felt like the

gaps for the rocket to get out weren't big enough most of the time it just made and annoying noise and did little. I like how you worked with symmetry but the map isn't just blindly symmetrical forcing you to do exactly the same things twice. This is very neat for a 5th map(if it is your 5th) but it wouldn't do you any harm to be a little more experimental try and come up with original or interesting little mechanisms which give your map soul. The central thing with the traps is interesting but it provides no extra challenge or exciting game-play so it doesn't make much difference. 2nd attempt agd.
Demo Data