Classy Christmas Party

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Created 2009-12-24
Last Modified 2009-12-24
by 36 people.
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Description Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my lovely christmas gala. You are all invited, by the way.

While we might not get along all the time and there's certainly no shortage of arguments flying around here at any given time, i'd just like to say that you are an incredibly intelligent, funny, and creative group of people and you should all feel awesome.

also don't i look sexy in my tuxedo? i think i rather do.

Stay classy, NUMA!
Stay classy, Metanet!
Merry Christmas everybody!

This map was featured on 2011-12-27

Champagne! Cocktails! Canapes! Cock!

It's all available and on display at PALEMOON's Christmas Party.
Come one, come all, bring your stockings and antlers; this will be a week to remember.

The party's not over until the last guest leaves - and that includes flag (who's currently passed out in the corner.) — ChrisE

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Holy crap a feature?

A feature?

Holy crap...

Holy crap.

A feature?!!!

God dang

This was gonna be mhy next feature holy ucrap

Holy crap.

A feature?!!!


Why delist this?


Why delist this?
Looking through the tonnes of reviews that have been this week is a real pleasure, but I feel like something's missing. And that something is a map by ATOB. Throwing this many reviews without a map by ATOB is like playing check without the king, and so I looked through ATOB's maps and fell over this cute love story map.

I have to add (because no-one else seems to have noticed) that "156" is a title of a really beautiful song by the Danish band "Mew". Play this map, and fall in love. With ATOB's mapping. It's worth it. -Diamondeye

AND anyway

you will love my last map. You will


You beter
Afternoondragon Step04 by Dragon_Moon is widely regarded as the best n-art of all time. With an average rating of five after over 1,100 votes, it might qualify for the best map of all time. I'm amazed it hasn't been featured already.

There's really nothing more to say about this map, except that it's beautiful.
1 paper-mâché volcano
5 tbs distilled nevershine
3 sticks of dynamite
6 tbs kerosine
Intense, action packed gameplay
Multiple routes
Stylish tiles
Replay value
Impeccable object placement

Christian's Inferno, my favorite map by nevershine, mixes all of the aforementioned ingredients into one explosive action map. The action is just exhilarating and there are bits and pieces of flow to pick up and drop off everywhere. I'm not even going to mention the classic nevershine tiles or the chaingun that I love so much. Well, I lied. Anyway, this is one of those maps that you should play, more than once.

me better

"Simple, yet brilliant" would be a fitting description of this map - not so much of Leaff. I actually prefer Viil's own words.

This map is, ladies and gentlemen, made of awesome sauce.

Beware the guass, whatever those are, and have fun! -Diamondeye []
"Mapdraft produced a lot of good maps. It also produced a lot of not-so-good maps, but what I feel is best about Mapdraft and its sibling competitions, what justifies their often erratic schedule and short lives, is the few maps that are extraordinary.

Such as "Speak with Perpetual Emphasis", by Mae. It is as if Mae has taken the restrictions of the contests and turned them to something creative, and done so sublimely - "Speak with Perpetual Emphasis" is a pearl: Judging from its breathtaking beauty, you would never guess that it started out simply as PALEMOON upsetting Mae's applecart. Enjoy! -Diamondeye []"

... There, better? :D


<3 the descrip

Merry Christmas fo sho PM

16 hours



Nice Tuxedo, mate. And merry xmas. Keep being awesome.






Like the tiles,

not so fund of the mines, though. :o
It's one of those sexy female spies that you see in detective movies, or Mr & Mrs Smith.

Merry christmas, chaps.

<3 buddylee. haven't seen you in a while.

oh oh you mean less

haha how silly of me

Movie reference fail. []

"when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"


Numa's love for PALEMOON is worth hundreds of 5's.

The map itself is hardly deserving of 17, incidentally.

Merry Holidays.

"Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"

toga! toga!


cheers to all
Do you all see me? Huh? Do you? I'm happy and thankful for everything that has happened to me. I'm going to gobble up a turkey tomorrow! WHoo!


Oh wait, it's not Thanksgiving? THIS IS A LIE!