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Tags author:ndeavour drones featured inspired moderate pipe puzzle rated
Created 2010-01-10
Last Modified 2010-01-10
by 60 people.
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This map was featured on 2010-09-03

The first time I saw this map it reminded me of some great puzzles from ages ago. The thumbnail drew me in, and I simply had to play the map. On my first run, I died within 10 seconds because I didn’t understand the map's subtle concept of timing your jumps to fit with the drone’s path. It pissed me off, I could not figure out what was so special about the map. About 25 seconds later I figured out that you have to be careful about your every movement. Perhaps I just saved one of you newbs the trouble. — cucumber_boy

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That's the first time I've intentionally tried to make that jump on my first attempt in doing so :D
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First Try APGD.

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Also I like the map, reminds me of the NReality map Condog made and was featured ages ago. Nice concept, but I'm weirdly very familiar with it. Hmm. It seems original though. 4.
still can't see what's so special about the map. APGD
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love it

34 rates since this got sniped and it still hasn't passed 3/5. Wow.


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and then you had to stare at the map for nearly half a minute to figure out that you have to avoid the drones to stay alive

Nice Izzy. :D

And thanks so much kk for the feature! It really made my day.


Sniped -.-

3 more frames

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about Inspired's fbf speedrun.

3 frames faster
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Highscore run

not an AGD

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Neat concept




kk's grasp of the English language is superb.


Good puzzle, but maybe a tad easy once you figure it out. The aesthetics are very clean and I like the theme here. 4
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Why it's rated 3?

I ask, what the fuck?!

I've previously 5aved that.
5/5 - I really enjoy maps like this.
One of the first maps that I've played that slots somewhere inbetween and . That's a complement BTW. :D

With the mysterious person rating me, it happened again. A bit later, but still. Is there anyway to check who's doing it, cause it's pushing down alot of great maps. :(


Agree with Formica.
This is perfect map.



Hope you're happy with /that/ compliment, Inspired.

For you!

This map deserves a 5, to be featured, to be included in the next version of N+, and to be immortalised in a series of creepy shrines across the world. There's nothing about it that isn't perfect.

pretty cool



It took a WA2000 to the face.

Great map

Helped it get up to a three!

thank you nDEAVOUR

I highly appreciate your comment :D
thank you heaps.
I dont think I want to quit after my 150th anymore. Yes, I had that planned. Thankyou.

Amazingly fun

Great use of tiles, it manages to feel open and yet constrict you at times as well. A definite 5aved

Too easy! :D

I really liked how you could make a mistake, and still go back and correct it for the AGD (as I did. :D).

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and more like took a barret 50 cal. to the face.

Oh ok

hahaha yeah definitely not n-art.

If you so choose

a spot in the PurpleHippoHighSocietyClub is open for you. I will PM you the password.

First the interview

What are the hobbies of the Purple Hippos?

Ultimate Sniped?

This map took an Intervention to the face O.o

Holy hell

Massive sniping again. :(