Mind Flay

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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot playable rated rockets
Created 2010-01-10
Last Modified 2010-01-10
by 6 people.
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Description Coobz tiles and Spudz objects. Remnants of the failed mappack.

I like the switch area. :)

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Is your forum name spudzalot?

Great layout here

Tiles look dumb but thats really the only downside. Great rocket placement, provides a fun and not too overwhelming challenge throughout the map. I've been playing this since it came out and just never commented. I think i beat it only once when I was drunk, and of course being drunk didnt really think to record a demo so, you'll have to trust me :)
More please.


I come back, and AGD first try.

With one of the most badass dodges i've ever done, to top it off. Right after i get the exit switch.
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ill make an irc sometime soon though

Speed-ish demo, lots of room for improvement.
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Yah my gold is really bad.

Thanks everybody. :D

I loved

the gold area up top
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Demo Data
I like it though, cause it's different, but only cause it's different. I'm also quite a fan of the semi-circle start.




Aww, I did a super cool rocket dodge at the exit switch.

I wish I could map like you ;_;
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