Thirteen Orphans

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Author ZivilynBane
Tags author:zivilynbane featured nightmareremix rated shatterrift tonebreaker
Created 2010-01-12
Last Modified 2010-01-12
by 19 people.
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This map was featured on 2010-05-20

Listen closely child. Can you hear it? The crackle of flames, the dry wind in the trees, the groaning of broken timbers. Thirteen children’s cries. The ruins of the orphanage now stand like a blackened monument to some forgotten tragedy. But beware, child, do not venture inside. The ghosts of the thirteen orphans still linger. They guard their shimmering youthful souls with their hateful crimson gazes, burning with the heat of that terrible fire. Come away child, leave them to their eternity. — toasters

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It actually looks and plays like a race, because there is a bit of flow and tiles look like they can create a flow. If you placed the lasers more strategically it would be a better map, but hell, it's a nice concept. Just not good as it can be. 3aved.
Tiles are cool, gameplay is not. Average map, not feature worthy IMO. 2.5
it's rare to see 1-tiles look this cool.


is the new.... awesomeish

Oh yeah. Toaster's review = Beautiful.


The main irk with this map is the insane lag on some of the lasers because of how many there are. I can conceive of a better map using less lasers with more of a structured approach to it. I don't think what you have here is bad, just it's not as good as I imagine it could be.
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especially the gold on the lasers, since it forces you to confront them head on instead of running away. The execution, though? Hell no ;D
i like using stationary lasers because they can present a variety of unique challenges without over-cluttering the map. my intention with the gold placement was to make an already challenging map even harder, keeping in mind its placement in tone breaker. thanks for the feat toasters.

Zivilyn is beyond brilliant.


i commented on this! <3 zivilynbane tiles

This is so damned nice looking. o_o Second map i've seen from you in a row that I've loved.
The map just oozes atmosphere and style though.
And that has to be one of my favorite reviews of all time. Not sure what to rate, so just faved.
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At all. no.

Lasers are too frustrating to be fun :(
that seemed ugly, felt like not much gameplay but the tiles were awesome.

This is monstrous.